syntheticlin's Journal

13 September
The names Lexi+im 17 and Taken!+I have 3 pets, 2 dogs and a bird but im hoping to get another dog+Im not into drama so keep it to yourself+Im myself and nothing more+I love candy+I love break/jam skating and have been doing it for about 6 years now+I make all my hair pieces except the dreads+I take and edit all my own photos+I have the best friends ever+Dont take my pictures!(if you want to use them for something consult me first)+Ill add more later
abandoned houses, alice in wonderland, alternative modeling, angelspit, animals, anime, anti-drama, avenged sevenfold, being scary, big shoes, black lights, black nailpolish, blood, blood & gore, blue collar comedy, break skating, bubblewrap, butterflies, cameras, chainsaws, clothes, clubbing, combichrist, confusion, corpses, crafts, crazy contacts, crunk, cuddling, cyber goth, cyberlox, dead stuff, death and destruction, death before dismemberment, disney world, doom, dreadfalls, driving, dslr, ebay, evil, false eyelashes, fast cars, film, florida, flowers, foam falls, food, freakshows, freestyle project, friendship, gothic lolita, graffiti, gremlins 1, gremlins 2, hair extensions, happy, harajuku, hate fakes, holy shit, industrial, insane clown posse, invader zim, jam skating, japan, japanese fashion, japanese magazines, jeff dunham, juggalettes, juggalos, kickin ass, lary the cable guy, laughing insanely, lil wayne, love, love & peace, makeup, marilyn manson, mass hysteria, mass murder, medical equipment, mindless self indulgence, modeling, monster fur, myspace, myyearbook, oldschool kikwear, owls, pale skin, parties, photo editing, photography, pikachu, pizza, platform boots, porcelian and the tramps, presents, proper grammar, property exploration, props, psychopathic records, radiation, random, raves, saw series, scary clowns, scene hair, sending and recieving pacakages, shopping, silverstein, skulls, sleeping, slr, spookykids, spraypaint, stabbing, stompy boots, suicide silence, synthetic hair, syntheticsin, tech n9ne, teh funney, terrorizing the neighborhood, the mall, torture, trance, traveling, trespassing, universal studios, vampirefreaks, virginia beach, wednesday 13, weirding people out, white faced scops owl, willy wonka, wisconsin