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23 July 2011 @ 10:38 pm
So I really need to money right now and I'm selling stuff I don't wear or need anymore. All prices are in USD and include usps priority shipping in their prices. All items are in great condition and if there are any defects they will be stated in the description.
I am ONLY TAKING PAYPAL right now.

$95 Size 8 Demonia platform shoes. I'm selling them because they are too big for me. I've only worn them a couple of times so they are in great condition.

$15 Size Youth Large From First To Last ribcage t-shirt. In great condition, there is a small hole in the left armpit but it can easily be sewn.

$20 Volcom girls shirt size Medium. Only worn once so in perfect condition.

$15 The Great Milenko Insane Clown Posse t-shirt. Size Large. In great condition.

$15 Seether t-shirt Size Small. In great condition.

$20 The Wrath Insane Clown Posse t-shirt. Size Medium. In great condition, Only worn about once.

$60. 40 DE and SE Layered chest length black and blonde dreads. Made by Biohazard-bitch.

$50 30 DE and SE thick palm rolled dreads. Longest go to mid back. Made by me.
18 July 2010 @ 11:56 pm
Holy shit I haven't posted or been on this in ages. Not much has really changed since my fathers motorcycle accident though. It's just basically become a daily routine for me to run him or I somewhere. Weather it be a doctors appointment or to the post office or running some kind of errand for my mum. Well Tuesday I leave for Virginia beach, Virginia to visit the one and only Tony. Words can't really express how excited I am. It will be so nice to get away from all this madness I've been surrounded by since may now. It will be nice not being yelled at almost on a daily basis. It will be nice not having to worry about almost anything. Of course I'm kind of nervous to meet Tony for the first time but I'll get over it. I'm just hoping I don't miss any planes, that would be a fucking bitch. It will be weird to not have a dog or any kind of pet around but I'm sure Tony will compensate ;) My baby bird Boomer isn't so much a baby anymore. All of his feathers are grown in and he is flying around and landing on everything and anything he can clench his little feet to. I've been chasing him around the house the past few days which I don't find too amusing at 8 am or midnight. The beginning of August we can start weaning him off his baby formula which will be so nice. He's doing amazingly awesome though and he's getting bigger by the day. He's eating up to 7-8 cc or formula every feeding. I got my hair cut the other day and I let the hair dresser cut all the dead hair off and now my hair is pretty short. It looks and feels good though. I like it a lot better now that I don't have like a bad mexican lady bleaching job and now have red where the bleached hair was. I have to do all my packing tomorrow which will be fucking manic. Also have to run to like 10 different places. My plane Tuesday leave at like 7:25 so I will need to leave my house at like 530 am. Not really looking forward to that.

If you want to follow what I'm up to the next 2 weeks you can follow me on twitter. Now that I have a twitter app on my new cell I will be updating it quite often. http://twitter.com/syntheticsin
25 May 2010 @ 03:15 am
So my dad is still in the hospital and still very confused and disoriented. He has hallucinations and gets very agitated at times. He's able to walk around and stuff now which is good and he finally has an appetite and is eating. He has to be restrained to the bed when my mum and I aren't there. I'm not sure how long it will take him to come out of this if he ever really does.

I've been working on my site and it should be done within the next few days depending on how much I'm able to work on it. I'm excited to get it up and running though.

I'm really excited that I will be in virginia with tony in less than like 2 months now. Since I didn't get to really do much in Wisconsin this will defiantly make up for it. I really miss going to the shelter to help out with the dogs. I miss bear and cramer. I'm hoping maybe jeremey and I or john and I can go like this week or something. Or even to visit would be nice and probably help me a little to get my mind off everything. Kind of like a little escape for a day. Well I'll update when there is a little more to update on.
18 May 2010 @ 04:00 am
Cyberlox! Pre-made rainbow cyberlox colors are metalic opal, neon yellow, neon orange, neon green and neon pink. All colors are UV! They have neon yellow, hot pink, and lime green rexlace in them for accents. They are around waist length and attached to elastic hair bands. They are very full and have volume. 75$ Includes priority shipping in the US.

31 Dreads total. 2 cobalt blue, 4 blonde, 25 black. They were worn but were only in for about 2 weeks and I didn't really go out of the house. They are all single ended dreads. Have all been resealed and are ready for wear! I can make them into a big fall if asked. The longest are about shoulder length and the shorter ones are between ear and jaw length. All made by me.

45$ total. Includes priority shipping in the US.

Items are shipped the day after the payment is made and cleared. They all come with tracking numbers.
15 May 2010 @ 11:49 am
So we have been in wisconsin for like 3 days now. Late 2 nights ago now my mum got a call at like 3 in the morning from tampa general hospital saying my dad had gotten into a motorcycle accident. Well the night before at like 930 pm I was dropped off and met up with mariah. I spent the night with mariah just toking it up the whole night. We're currently waiting to board our flight from milwaukee to atlanta. We should get back into florida like 3ish. Then lindsays husband jeremy will pick us up and we will all head straight to the hospital. My dad is fine, not dead luckily. He WAS drunk when he got into the accident. He is currently sedated and all his arms and legs are restrained. due to him going through alcohol withdraws he had become violent and agressive. He has a broken nose, broken wrist, his eye socket bone on his left side is shattered he has a laseration inder his left eye and his eyelid on the left side is severed.he had surgery earlier to fix his eyelid. Not sure when they will be doing the rest of his surgeries. He isn't stable enough to have the rest of them. Due to the level of alcohol he had in his system they still have no clue if he has a concussion or anything like that. They did an mri and shit and he doesn't have any bleeding or anything in his brain. More updates will come as we get them.
27 April 2010 @ 12:42 pm
Shit, I've been neglecting my livejournal lately. Just have a lot going on lately. I'm preparing plans and shit for when I take my trip back to Wisconsin in may. I'm so glad to be going back home. I've missed all my friends. It's going to be hard to see all of them within like a 9 day period though. I have had a lot going on with photography. My Picture I entered in the 4-H district competition won best of show and now will be going onto the state wide comp. I've been working on dreads a lot lately which I am happy about. I still really need to get my website up. I need about 100$ more for my air fare to VA in july. I'm busting my ass trying to get it. If I some how sell the rainbow cyberlox and some of my hemp necklaces I should be good.

I'm trying so hard to try and sell the cyberlox. they're just taking up a lot of space in my closet and I don't wear them. I'm willing to go down to like 55$ for them and then the 10.70$ for shipping. If you or you know anyone who would be interested in them please let me know. They have been worn only once by me and that was like 30 minutes just for pictures. :)

I have new dreads installed in my hair though. They're all made by me. I love them.

13 April 2010 @ 10:27 pm
Each necklace is 18$. It includes shipping in the US. I'm only accepting paypal right now.

28 February 2010 @ 12:08 am
Life pretty much blows at this point. Tony my now ex-bf pretty much broke up with me, We're still on great terms with each other just the situation he's in right now it's not a good time. We still both love and care about each other. I'm just taking it all kinda hard. I'm still not sure if we might get back together or not yet. Him and I still have a lot of talking to do. The more I think about what was all said last night I grow more and more confused by the second. That's not really helping the situation at all. I've found I'm growing really lonely really fast. Being here for over a year and not really being able to get out of the house and make friends has put me into a really bad depression. I only know few people here and it's nearly impossible to see any of them. I really want to bring up the option of getting a dog of my own but I know there is no way in hell my parents will let me do that when we have 2 dogs already. The only time the dogs really spend time with me in my room is when I have food which obviously makes me feel really shitty. I think with a dog of my own and one that would spend time with me in my room and just kind of a dog I can call my own and one that just hangs out with me, keeps me company.

It seems like every time I have what angel and I think are set in stone plans, Everything seems to go wrong at the very last second. He and I were supposed to go to this 3 day rave this weekend. We had his friends who where bringing a tent for all 4 of us to share the weekend and we had a car pool all put together and stuff. Angel comes to me friday telling me that all the plans have crumbled to the ground. Now at that time I still thought I was going to be visiting tony in march so I decided to save the money for that which now will be saved and put towards my air fare to visit him in july. For some reason his roomate has a huge problem with me visiting, she flipped out when tony mentioned to her he wanted me to visit in march which also put a huge strain on our relationship.

I'll update this once I know more of what's going on.
17 February 2010 @ 10:29 pm
I decided to make a live journal just for my photography. I am selling prints of all my work on there for 30$.They come in 8X10" and the price includes shipping. I accept all forms of payment but prefer paypal. That is also the journal I will be posting all my new photography on.
09 February 2010 @ 11:41 pm
So tonight I'm laying in my bed around 8:45 pm watching dog the bounty hunter. Suddenly there is a loud ass fucking noise that comes from my living room where my parents and dogs where. It sounded like a fucking gunshot so I run into the living room expecting to find one of my parents dead or seriously injured. Luckily nothing like that happened. The noise was so loud the neighbors who live behind us herd it. They and another family ran out right when they herd it and were able to see the boys. It was 3 boys, 1 black 2 white. They all 3 were on bikes with their hoods up.

They were not caught today. 2 Of the kids who herd the whole thing go to the local high school so I'm sure if it was 3 high school students they will leak it to their friends and our 2 spies will soon have names, hopefully. Another good thing is, We don't have to pay for the window to be repaired. These kids are probably the same people eggin our house and siphoning gas out of my fucking dads van. I'm sick of these fuckers. My dad and I have settled on getting a paint ball gun and loading it with paint balls and mase balls. That's a pretty sick weapon.

Here are the pictures.

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